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Home Chefs Refillable Blow Torch

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In Stock

Home Chef Refillable Blow Torch - Ideal for those finishing touches in the kitchen that make a meal look professional!


  • Refillable Blow Torch with Piezo Ignition (1.45kW-1300°c)

  • Add professional finishing touches to food

  • From Bright Spark


This refillable blow torch is ideal for finishing touches in the kitchen. You can brown meringues, caramelise cème brûlée, roast peppers or aubergines, flambé desserts and melt chocolate or ice sculptures. The flame easily ignite with the one-touch Piezo igntion, so this professional tool is on hand and ready whenever you need it!

The torch is easily refillable and each fill gives you approximately 20 minutes of constant use! The refill canisters are available here, but this torch will also take standard lighter gas.



Gas Refilling (must be done in well vented-area away from open flames):

1. Before filling, check that the Filling Valve is firmly in place.

2. Use only high quality butane gas.

3. Shake gas cartidge/canister a few times to warm the fuel

4. Turn gas control knob to off (-)

5. Turn appliance upside down to expose filling valve. Hold gas cartridge/canister upside down and position the nozzle in the filling valve. Push down to start releasing gas into blowtorch. 


To Ignite:

1. Ensure safety lock is pushed up.

2. Turn the black flame adjustment control clockwise until it is fully open.

3. Turn the gas control knob towards the '+' (ON) position

4. Press the ingnition button. The flame will ignite instantly. 

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