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Home Chefs Butane Blow Torch Head with Piezo Ignition & Grip Handle

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In Stock

In Stock

Home Chef DIY Blow Torch - The ideal tool for projects around the home and garden!


  • Home Chef DIY Blow Torch

  • Piezo push button start

  • Robust grip handle

  • Use for BBQ's and bonfires as well as plumbing and metal work


This powerful and versatile blowtorch makes big jobs easy. The DIY blow torch can be used to light bonfires, BBQ's and chimineas yet it is also an excellent tool for plumbing or craft, jewellery and metal work. What's more this nifty blowtorch has such a precise flame that it'll even hold up when used for professional food finishing such as browning meringues or caramelising a creme brulee!

For everyday use, this tool features a comfort-grip ergonomic handle and easy to use ignition button.


Compatible Bright Spark Canisters are available here. 




Appliance Assembly:

1. Turn gas control knob to closed '-' (OFF) position.

2. Check O ring seals before connecting canister.

3. Change or reconnect canister outside and away from other people

4. Align cartridge collar notch with locator tan on the blowtorch and, keeping cartridge upright, push down gently. Then twist unit 35° to the right.

5. Be sure to check that no gas is leaking.



Turn the gas control knob slowly in the '+' direction to start gas flowing and then simply push the ignition button. Adjust the flame by turning the gas control knob between '-' and '+' for low or high heat. 

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